I Can Not Wait..

.. to have a house of my own to decorate :) Found these on http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/


Found on http://thepaperplanes.blogspot.com/ among other places. Just a little fashion inspiration for these cold and dreary days of winter!

More Bird Paintings :)

Don't act so suprised. We all know I'm obsessed. Check out more on Madelaine's Etsy account (http://www.etsy.com/shop/Squashedtoad?page=1).


Stay With Me on This.

Alright. Time for me to talk. I'll be the first to admit.. I'm not a fan of all contemporary art. But, I'll also be the first to admit that I dodn't understand it either, and that's probably why. Through my History of Contemporary Art Class, I'm learning about all of these painters of the High Modernist era using techniques like gesture painting and color field painting etc. and why they do it and about their lives and such and it's really giving me some perspective. For instance, Mark Rothko was a painter from the 40s-60s (in America) who did a lot of color field painting (pretty self-explanitory-- large fields of color) and at first I wasn't too convinced. However, once I learned about him and what a spiritual person he was, I started to understand that his paintings were there for the viewer to experience a calm, or an emptying of the mind like meditation and influences of Buddhism (most of his paintings were HUGE so they encompassed most of your vision). Then as his career progressed, his paintings got darker and simpler. Many people attribute this to the increasing depression in his life (he was born a Jew and learned of all his family that had just been murdered in the Holocaust which was just ending; his wife divorced him; a parent passed away). He eventually committed suicide because he couldn't handle all of his grief. Now that I know this, I feel what he felt when I look at his paintings. I don't know whether you took the time to read this or not, but please keep this in mind the next time you're staring at a piece of art work and the stupid lady next to you says "my kid could do that."

I Must Learn to Make This. ASAP.

I found it on deviantART. Cutest thing in the world! I wish I had mad paper skills like this. The only oragami things I can successfully make are butterflies and swans.


Alrighty so there's this place called Treehouse Point.. I'm sure you can see where this is going. Mostly people stay in their TREEHOUSES for their honeymoons but anyone can stay in one just for an adventure :) Please lurk their website for more info :) http://www.treehousepoint.com/index.html

(a few of these photos were taken by Mike Swanson-- see more here : http://photos.mikeswanson.com/p1056960925)


Artists Rule :)

Alright. I know I won't reach all of you with this post, but I can't help but think this is super funny. Alright, this is a piece by Marcel Duchamp; he was one of the first real modernist type artists and he was a bit of a smartass. Now at the time, (and still true today) the Mona Lisa was a huge deal. It's an icon for art and a piece that honestly almost everyone could recognize. Alright, now at the time when Duchamp made this piece, 1919, there was all this hype about the Mona Lisa because it had been stolen a few years earlier and it took an entire year for it to resurface. Now that it's back, people are once again obsessed with it.. and it's bigger than ever. Alright so Duchamp draws a mustache and goatee on this postcard of the Mona Lisa that he buys at the Lourve and entitles it "L.H.O.O.Q." which when pronounced in French sounds like the phrase "Elle a chaud au cul" which means, roughly, "she has a hot ass." So basically he was poking fun at this major icon for art, and calling it art. Hilarious. Alright nerdy contemporary art history fact of the day over.


Sea Lions! Oh My!

So apparently a whole bunch of sea lions like to gather around this one pier in San Francisco (like hundreds of them) and just chill on some floating piers.. and it got to be a fantastic tourist attraction because there were just hundreds of goofy sea lions barking and sunbathing. Anyways, recently they all seemed to have disappeared. Biologists are left baffled as to why they disappeared or where they went, although they have suspicions that the animals may have sensed an earthquake or something or the waters became too warm. Also, a whole bunch of mysterious sea lions seemed to appear in Oregon all of a sudden as well.. so I'm thinking that's where they went. Anyways, sea lions are cute! Read more about it here (http://www.oregonlive.com/news/index.ssf/2010/01/san_franciscos_seal_lions_disa.html). I'm terrible at summarizing stories :p


I Really Am Learning in School :)

Coolest dude ever! Andy Goldsworthy! My 3D Comp teacher was showing us examples of junctions and introduced us to Andy and I personally think he is awesome. He does all of his work out in nature with materials he finds and documents them with his photography. PLEASE CHECK HIM OUT! :) http://www.goldsworthy.cc.gla.ac.uk/ , http://www.morning-earth.org/ARTISTNATURALISTS/AN_Goldsworthy.html



Cal Lane is a super cool chick who uses a blowtorch to create super awesome designs on ordinary things like shovels and steel drums. Check her out! http://www.callane.com/



I just saw 500 Days of Summer the other day. I have mixed feelings. Soundtrack=killer. A whole bunch of excellent people. Actors=the best. Zooey is my favorite actress of all time. Style= I liked it a lot. I think I was just let down a little because I'm a sucker for a happy ending. It was super funny though, so go see it!


Clark Little is a fantastic photographer who photographs from "inside the tube" (as surfers say) in the Hawaiian Islands. Please check him out! http://www.clarklittlephotography.com/


I've Been Brainstorming..

...about ideas on what to name my future kitten. How lame is that!? Not lame at all. I cannot wait to own a kitten :) Here's what I have so far:

Toulouse (two-lose) -This and the next from Aristocats :)

I shall have a proper kitty. Who enjoys drinking his/her milk from a saucer and reading classics by firelight on my lap. Of course, he/she will also partake in some halarious play time. NO I will not be a crazy cat lady. I shall have one cat. Not 38. And live in a small trailer.


If you know my dreams very well, you would know that I will go whale watching some day. I really want to do that. Like.. more than most things.

Rambling. What Else is New.

While I was bitterly shoveling what seemed like mountains of snow off of my car after getting off a ten hour shift at the horrid Burger King during today's snow storm (so many prepositional phrases!), I thought about snowflakes. And how beautiful they are. And how that almost makes up for the fact that their slippery nature puts me in danger, and the gelid tempuratures that accompany snow into my surrounding environment make me miserable. But it doesn't. But they're still pretty. :)
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